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1 absorbent paper used to dry ink [syn: blotting paper]
2 the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station [syn: day book, police blotter, rap sheet, charge sheet]

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  1. a piece of blotting paper in a pad as a piece of desk furniture
  2. a daily register of arrests and other events in a police station


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Blotter can mean several things:-
  • For blotter acid, see LSD
  • For a desk blotter, see desk
  • For an antique blotter associated with a quill pen, see fountain pen and blotting paper.
  • Blotter can also refer to an official summary, usually covering a short duration, such as a police blotter, or the trade confirmation summary of a financial institution. The term is frequently used in financial institution software terms to represent a list of current trades in a spreadsheet-like interface whose status is updated in real-time. The trades are often highlighted in different colours depending on their status.
  • Blotter, an American TV show, parodying the long running TV show, COPS, preceding Reno 911!.
  • Blotter, a 1996 album by the American band Nighstick.

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Domesday Book, absorbency, absorbent, absorption, account book, address book, adsorbent, adsorption, adversaria, album, annual, appointment calendar, appointment schedule, assimilation, blankbook, bloat, blotting, blotting paper, boozehound, boozer, calendar, cashbook, catalog, chemisorption, chemosorption, classified catalog, commonplace book, court calendar, daybook, desk calendar, diary, digestion, diptych, docket, drunk, endosmosis, engagement book, engrossment, exosmosis, guzzler, inebriate, infiltration, journal, ledger, log, logbook, loose-leaf notebook, lush, memo book, memorandum book, memory book, notebook, osmosis, pad, percolation, petty cashbook, pocket notebook, pocketbook, police blotter, scrapbook, scratch pad, seepage, sorption, spiral notebook, sponge, sponging, table, tablet, triptych, workbook, writing tablet, yearbook
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